Maverick even offers waterproof, hybrid, and higher temperature replacement probes to ensure your meal is cooked to perfection. Highly recommended. Here's, Garlic and Herb Crusted Sirloin Tip Roast, Large intelligent backlit LCD display that changes color during cooking (blue -> green -> red)), Program according to the temperature of different types of meat (ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb and fish) that the USDA has predetermined, Program through predetermined doneness levels of different types of meat (rare, medium rare, medium and well done) approved by the USDA, The transmitter cable can be hung on the oven door or used as a table support, Automatic receiver shut off for after 30 minutes if no signal is received from the transmitter, shut off will be disabled if timer is running, Temperature Range: 16˚F to 482˚F (-9˚C to 250˚C), Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1˚C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C), Probe Length: 6 ½” food grade stainless probe, Cable Length: 40″ stainless steel mesh cable, Certifications: FCC certified, CE certified, ROHS, FDA approved probe, Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food. Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children. When your perfect cut of meat is at the optimal temperature that you set, you’ll be greeted a loud alarm. It works from downstairs up to my recliner in the living room on the second floor of our house. Spare probes and transmitters for your ThermoPro Digital Food Thermometers. I use it on a smoker. Now I just plug the probe, turn on the monitor and I can see what is happening from inside my kitchen. Could not be happier! He loves it. No more guessing. I seldom write reviews, but for this item, I just had to do so. Still wish they would make a longer cord one, like a 6' cord is just too short for practical use with smoker. Pinterest Code: 119e79e8f3c084b84b2e03abae041ed4. Have used on the grill and we used it for our Turkey at Thanksgiving! Love this thing! This is the second one I have purchased. This product was easy to use and worked perfectly. ThermoPro reached out to me to inform me of a product that exactly met my needs and also took care of the hardware issue. Helped us make an awesome 12 pound prime rib for Christmas. will it reach from backyard to inside the house? This last time, it was about 25 degrees higher than the actual ambient temperature. Thanks! C $11.54. We think, These should be a few of your favorite things if y, Yes, you would need these priceless tips to make p, Rare, medium, or well done? Bought 1 for my father and 1 for my son for their backyard barbecue. This is a great product which help make my Christmas Eve prime rib outstanding! Temperature is correct on it and keeps my husband from lifting the lis on the grill to check the temperature of the meat. Not once did I have to open and poke with a thermometer and also let heat out and eventually ;guess. I have tried your product Several times now, and it is working great I give it 5 stars! The backlight will flash Blue once the temperature increases by 10 ºF from when cooking starts, then it will change to Green when the temperature is within 15 ºF of the set temperature and then it will turn Red when it reaches the set temperature. It also includes a timer function. Upgraded Thermpro Probe Replacement for Thermopro Meat Thermometer Probe Replacement Temperature Probe TP20 TP-08S TP17 TP16 TP11 TP09 TP10 … Had some difficulty pairing the units but once paired all works well. To prolong the life of your Maverick thermometer probe, wrap tin foil around the probe wire to shield … ;Easy set up, automatic synchronization, and batteries ARE included. Have had no reply so far. Perfect for smoking! A great investment. I purchased this when I bought a pellet grill. $120.00. The only issue I had was, when I first got it and put the batteries in, the remote did not turn itself off and the batteries completely died, within a few days. Fast shipping. ºF/ºC/ Used it for first time today, and it worked great! I had been trying to use a meat probe for this and it takes up a lot of room and gets in the way. The interwebs said it might just be a probe wire malfunction, but others said it was the unit itself. They honored the warranty with no questions asked (except my order number from Amazon). It is good to see a company that cares about customers and making things right.Great customer service. Open the battery compartment of the receiver and insert two “AAA” batteries with correct polarity. Exactly what I needed for Home Brewing. No fuss to get it synced. I had an issue with the probe after 2 years and they replaced it at no charge so the service is great. Luckily I had replacement batteries on hand. We have only used it once but so far so good. He loves it! Total Price. ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer Smoker Grill Oven BBQ Kitchen Timer&Backlight. Always wear heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. I thought they would just send the metal probe but they sent an entire new unit. Good product and easy to use the basic functions. ;I have never had turkey like this before! We also tried it with a brisket on the smoker for a little get together and knowing the temp on a brisket is so important or it will be too tough, but it came out perfect and nothing but compliments and not much leftover so worked out great. Very prompt customer service. Works great for me and love the dual temps. Update: In my review below, I had a an issue with the transmitter and a user interface frustration with the receiver. And be alerted with a pleasant tone when the meat is ready. Although there was a product failure, customer service was right on the spot. I encourage others to the read about the care of the delicate thermowire. I am concerned about the durability of the unit since the first one went out so quick. Out of stock. Fast Shipping! t's s, Planning on smoking #porkchops this week? Excellent wireless thermometer. It works and is user friendly so I can stay happy while cooking! It does what it says it does. Highly recommend this product! It is prefect because we do not have to constantly check the temperature manually or wonder what the temperature is!! Please try again. One-year warranty covering all parts and labor. If you’re needing a replacement meat probe, meat thermometer transmitter, thermometer hygrometer transmitter or just want a spare, then this is place to purchase one. Replacement Thermpro Thermometer Probe for TP25 Thermopro TP Probe(Orange) Product Description [Ready to use, Hassle-Free Setup] Replacement Thermopro probe for ThermoPro TP20 TP-08S TP-07 TP06S TP09 TP10 TP11 TP16 TP17 TP21 TP22 [Fresh color, Hassle-Free Setup] More easier to distinguish cooking food. Requested a new one and iTronics replaces it for free no questions asked. direct igniter replacement louisiana grills 36 inch grill probe/rtd probe/temp probe replaces part #50151 fits all lg series and country smokers grills high quality exact same as oem normal shipping is 2-3 business days prime fast shipping warranty- 1 year Have tried to use since but cannot trust the reading. I read in their manual that this can be caused by wires being damaged in the probe. I knew the thermometer on the grill was off and this unit helped me keep a consistent smoke temp in the grill and the meat without opening the lid and loosing heat. I highly recommend. You can get it here. I have not actually used it yet but if it performs as expected I will be very happy with it. Used Thermo Pro for first time for our Christmas Dinner which was a fantastic Beef Tenderloin. We watched the meat cook without ever leaving the house. It works GREAT. 【Long Remote Range – 300FT】Wireless thermometer allows you to monitor your food from 300ft away and then receive an alert when your food is ready, watch TV or chat with your friends while cooking without worrying! Jan 16, 2018 - Explore Only best Listings's board "Top Best Food Wireless Thermometers" on Pinterest. There are a few quirks that take a little getting use to and a dedicated on/off button would be nice. TASTE – In thermometer mode, press to select the meat taste level, RARE, MED RARE, MEDIUM, MED WELL and WELL DONE. Not only do we provide additional value, but our community is constantly providing additional value by sharing experiences, photos and connecting with each other via social media. Will be presenting as a Christmas gift. Special offers and product promotions. This unit is awesome! No more running back-and-forth checking whether the meat is done. I love this thermometer! I was able to keep the heat steadier and closer to the correct temperature and I knew EXACTLY when the turkey hit 160 degrees internally. Wireless connectivity works perfectly at 100 feet away. Flexible leads prevent breakage in hard to wire situations. CDN$ 5.18 for shipping & import fees deposit. ThermoPro-TPR11 Replacement Transmitter for ThermoPro-TP11. No going outside to check the temp!Used less charcoal and wood because she did nothave to open the lid over the smoker end, just the firebox to add more wood and charcoal! I used it to smoke meat in a wood fired pizza oven and it worked perfectly. Arrived in time to monitor turkey being roasted. It is also the first one that always gives me the exact same temperature for both probes when they are in the environment. Kudos to customer service. Used this product for the first time on my Komodo Grill. AU $28.88. BEAUTIFULLY made and performs EXACTLY as stated — Had a slight problem, contacted customer service and they responded VERY quickly. The transmitter will turn off automatically if the temperature measured is always lower than 122 ºF or 50 ºC in 120 minutes. Needed a replacement as our previous one had frayed at the wire. Very cool device, we bought this for our smoker so we would avoid lifting the lid to check the meat temperature, we popped in the probe and the main unit just sits outside the smoker, the wireless unit sits inside the house with us so we do not even need to go outside. We decided to smoke a brisket and ribs for my Birthday in February. Smoker/Grill/Oven Safe Hole Size = 0.16in/4mm uses: keeps probes level and steady for accurate reading Made from flexible stainless steel We love it!!! Now there is a reason to buy one. Features: Flexible to fit in the grates, keep probe level and steady for accurate reading. b. Takes several more attempts to power down.Although the transmitter problem is likely a product defect, the receiver suffers from user interface problems. The customer service team is always listening, taking notes, and quantifying complaints to ensure our products are continually improved. Consequently, functionality reduces and in case this happens, you are entitled to a new replacement. If you need one this is it. It worked very well on the grill surface to monitor cooking temperature. I have had it for a year and has worked flawlessly.Yesterday, I screwed up and submerged the whole probe in water which caused the thermometer to read wrong. We used this and another similar device to perfectly cook two turkey breasts with confidence to exactly the correct temperature. You can select which probe type you are using from the FireBoard app. Battery compartment – Holds 2 AAA batteries. The ThermoPro TP-11 digital wireless thermometer is designed to help you accurately measure your internal meat temperature while giving you 300 feet of freedom to do what you want to do while your meat cooks to perfection. It would not take much of a change to make this a 5* product. It is been a little cold lately but it did notstop her from smoking a chicken last weekend! Highly recommend. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It is also great for oven use. I have been looking for one that is more intuitive than the one that I was using and the ThermoPro TP11 fits the bill. Do not immerse either in water. Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2016. Once the thermometer turned from blinking blue to green, we knew the meat was approaching our desired doneness (sp), opened the grill and was shocked at how perfect it looked. Her reply? I knew there was an issue with the meat probe when I put it into meat from the fridge and it read 74…the 98…then 86 and now is around 70. Do not use the receiver or transmitter in the rain. Her mom asked why, since she had never had seconds on turkey before. I bought three of these meat thereaters as gifts. Highly recommend it. Update to my previous review. This is a quality product and worked well the first time. I purchased this BBQ Thermometer because the temperature probe came with a braided metal cable with a higher temperature rating. Looking forward to many more hammock and smoker days thanks to this handy device! Always wear a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. This was, without a doubt, the best turkey I have ever roasted. The flexible cord is great and the stand/clip it has makes it easy to monitor the temp. Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2018. Makes using my smoker much easier as I can tell the temp of both the meat and the air around it. Love this thing… I have never cooked Steaks and Chicken to perfect before. pulled pork roast and brisketts and they all come out perfectly. Only 4-5 months old. Gave it as a gift and they were impressed on how well it works.If you love to grill this item is great, as you do not have to stand nextto your grill to watch the temperature. It appeared to record correct temperatures and was simple to use. I have not had the chance to use this one yet…I really needed the 2 probenunit. Provided with 20 AWG stranded lead wire and 1/2 x 1/2 NPT hex fitting. Seems that the temp reads a little on the low side. This thing is great. Great for smoking in the backyard barbecue. Since receiving this product, weve used it 3 times already!!! Update. I expected them to send a new probe but I just now received a whole new unit. i would only use the meat probe not the grill probe? Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Never any issues with range. Easy to set, and the only thing to wash up is the probe. Works great. Great choice for someone new to remote temp monitoring. It is much easier to make sure the meat is done to a safe level and then not over cook it so it is dry.Our unit stopped working so I contacted Itronics and let them know. Improved my cooking skills ten fold. Highly recommend! Love the lifetime replacement of sensor policy. or until the internal temperature is 165. They should have surveyed a few users before releasing this product.To start, the transmitter on/off/function button is either faulty or suffers from poor software design. I emailed them asking for a new probe. You can never go, Of course, Wednesdays are for #ChickenWings! I'm not sure how, but I was able to verify that the probe was malfunctioning by comparing it to the old thermometer I have. It arrived well packaged, and with batteries. Works great though! So I believe I will be very happy. Comes out perfect. Sit and watch the game instead of the grill! There's a problem loading this menu right now. After thinking about it, we decided to cook the meat on our gas grill, even though it was 2 degrees F outside. I contacted the seller (i-Tronics) and was able to submit a warranty claim. I was happy before and happier now. Add to Cart. I left the grill and sat in TV room until it beeped. Common, designers, It is an LCD display! The transmitter will show the current temperature on its LCD display and automatically keep sending the temperature reading to the receiver for synchronization/pairing. No longer need to run up and down stairs to check temps! The lists of best products are updated regularly, so you can be sure that the information provided is up-to-date. Now with this we can leave the garage door shut while he cooks in the smoker. They are sending a new unit, fantastic customer service!Accurate temp readings but the remote receiver constantly loses signal. Unfortunately after 3 months it started giving bad readings. I would recommend it. Despite very careful handling and care of probe one day it started providing erratic reading. $15.49. The amount of interference you experience and the solution that works best will depend on the model of cooktop you use. Do not immerse the probe or wire in water. Works great. Perfect for keeping track of the temp whole smoking a brisket. This thermal pro wireless remote does everything it is supposed to do it was exactly what I wanted when I ordered it and it performs flawlessly! Product works well under extremely high temperature environment. Answer: Use both the meat probe and the frill probe. Even though it was my own fault, the gentleman said he will ship me a new probe at no charge!Great customer service, highly recommended!Thank You. Led screen melted when it was out in the sun. I had planned to get the expensive again, but I have to say it worked perfectly fine. The probe stopped working after 3 or 4 months, I used it once a week during that time, but tp-link was quick to replace my probe and transmitter in a couple of days. Press once to select temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Works great, I did not have to get off the couch while meat was cooking. It is also nice that I will notmiss when to remove the meat from the oven because of the mobile reader. ThermoPro TP-16 Digital Meat Thermometer ... ThermoPro TP12 Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling Oven Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer with Dual Probe, 300 Feet Range. The instructions are clear and well written and explain how to pair the 2 devices together. Stand – Swings out and allow you to stand the receiver on tabletop. Probe cord is a bit stiff, Brings smoking to a whole new level! Solid product, no complaints. The receiver will turn off automatically if it hasn’t received the temperature signal from the transmitter for more than 30 minutes ,A beep will sound for one minute before it shuts down. Do not immerse the probe in water while cleaning. Way more accurate than the dome thermometer that came on my WSM. Ordered this as a backup and to have the probe in another area in smoker, then just plug in to the base unit to get the temp. I use it when smoking meats and it performs fantastic. I LOVE this! Free shipping. Used this in my convection oven with a $95 Prime Rib Roast. Works great for me . Try to insulate the pot clip and probe to reduce any interference. I also saw on the iTronics site that they offer free probe replacement if you (even if It is your own fault) damage the probe wire. Worked great! Love it… we now own 2 for grill outs and for our trailer. Open the battery compartment of the transmitter and insert two “AAA” batteries with correct polarity. Came with all of the batteries required and has a life time warranty on the probe both of which are a big plus. However, the Auto Off feature will be automatically disabled if the timer is running. I highly recommend this product. a below temp range reading). $12.99 was $19.99. I love my ThermoPro! It was even accurate in the room temperature as it was 21 Celsius with the air conditioning on. We first used when cooking a drunken chicken and with the help of the wireless remote it was so easy to know when chicken was ready in smoker and not dry out!! Fun for the technology junkie that always wants more information about everything. This is a great value product. The unit starts with a 160 degree alert and the adjust button only increases the set temp. Used it to monitor temp while frying wings. See more ideas about Wireless thermometer, Thermometer, Wireless. Says it is one of the best gifts he ever received. Accuracy is good. Good product. I would recommend this one to others that are looking for a solid accurate wireless bbq/oven thermometer. Worked great until it did notwhich of course was Thanksgiving. It performed perfectly and meat was done to perfection. Thanks! This thing was a little hard to set up, as I kept getting HHH on it. Very nice thermostat. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – Displays all icons, temperature and timer. Works great for beef and pork too. Wait for a moment until the temperature reading shows on the receiver display, it means the synchronization/Pairing is complete. Great price for a great product. Just image, grilling outside in subzero temperatures and monitoring the temperature of what is on the grill from inside ! Hate to buy another just to get a new probe.Great product until then. Answer: Yep that’s what it’s made for. This device also features a visual aid to inform you what stage of the cooking process your meal is currently in. **Update**Over the New years holiday, our stove died leaving us with a $35.00 prime rib and no way to cook it. Works great! It was initially registering really low, and then – after poking the burger repeatedly – finally gave me a reading of 165, which was too done at that point. Unlike my other unit, I do not need to refer to the directions each time I use it. To remove the old probe, twist the probe counter-clockwise and slowly pull it away from the tape seal plug. Had it for a complete smoking season no problems. Used it on a venison roast set it for 165 for 1 hour and it was done in 45 minutes it was absolutely perfect never over cook venison again it was actually Gourmet great product like the remote thanks. Buy Meat Thermometer Probe Clip Holder for Thermopro TP04 TP06 TP07 TP08 TP09B TP10 TP11 TP12 TP16 TP17 TP20 TP22 Ambient Temperature Readings APP Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Smokers Grills Ovens (3 Clips) (Renewed) online at low price … Claims it has a 300ft radius but I guess sheet rock and insulation put a little stress on the signal. Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun IR Temperature Gun Laser Pyrometer. Quick View. The best meat thermometer in the ThermoPro family is the ThermoPro TP20. Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2016, This is a great ambient air temp probe. Simple, basic, works great. It even worked in the refrigerator with the sending unit sitting next to the meat showing the cool down rate until the batteries got cold and shut down. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for ThermoPro TP-11 Remote Wireless BBQ Thermometer Home Use Stainless Steel Probe at the best online prices at eBay! Upgraded New Thermpro Dual Probe Replacement for Grill Thermometer Thermopro Replacement Probe with Probe Clip Holder Adopt for TP20 TP-08S and TP17 TP16 TP11 TP09 TP10 TP-07 TP06S TP04: Home & Kitchen Free 2-day shipping. I bought this thing prior to Thanksgiving and it got It is first trial when smoking a turkey on my charcoal grill. This was purchased as a gift, so am unable to leave comments about how it works. No amount of probe wire jiggling would fix it. We use it with our smoker. So far this digital thermometer has worked great !!!!!! GREAT replacement probe and/or additional probe. I trust the ThermoPro more than the other gauges. We set it on the correct meat setting and temperature, worked like a charm!Started out blue, then green, then red as the beeper went off! alligator ground lead Warranty. Works great! 20Pcs Probe Covers For Thermoscan Replacement Lens Ear Thermometer Filter Cap. Thermopro TP11 Thermopro TP12 Thermopro TP16 Thermopro TP17 Thermopro TP08 Thermopro TP20, TP21, TP22 Also Fits MILCEA MT32 MT35, SUNAVO MT-05 MT-01, KyRush It, BQYPOWER Wireless Meat Thermometer Probes. I bought the PT20 and the probes where to long so I can have one in the kettle to monitor temperature. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the hours will increase by 10 hours per second. Question: What is the maximum range for the transmitter and remote? After using this several times, this seems to be a very accurate thermometer. CDN$ 28.98 CDN$ 28. Or, remove the food from the cooktop to take a quick reading away from the magnetic field. Just have used for a short period of time. Works great! Set it for Medium and it came out perfect. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Take a look at their product video as an example.On the plus side, the temperature accuracy seems good based on my first two uses and they have a lifetime probe guarantee. It is a bit tricky to place the barbeque sensor so that it does not touch any of the metal in the grill. Do not expose the receiver or transmitter to direct heat or surface. Saves a ton of time running back and forth from the house to the smoker, especially in the colder weather. These meat probes fit … I no loger care about minutes per pound. I bought this to use with my smoker to keep track of the ambient temperature. It connects from my grill on my side yard all the way to my living room coffee table!!! The stainless steel probe is designed to be inserted into food while it is cooking, displaying its temperature on a remote receiver. Was easy to get started as the instructions were clear. Now I nail the done-ness. Little tricky at first when programming it but instructions are clear. We provide more than just a product, we’ve got your back with tips, tricks, recipes, and special promotions. A must for folks with smokers. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. The ear thermometer probe covers made of BPA-free and latex-free rubber material, all people including babies, infants can trust and use with confidence. Worked very well. 100x For Braun Probe Covers Thermoscan Replacement Lens Ear Thermometer Filter Cap UK . Do you ever get frustrated by those recipes that say cook for 35 or 40 min. I am very happy with it. Awesome to not have to keep checking for changes in temp!! I had it sent to my Ranch a couple hours drive away. My husband has been looking for something like this for a long time!!! 4.4 out of 5 stars 75. The manufacturers customer service contacted me immediately and sent a replacement product which works as expected. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the temperature value will increase by 10 degrees per second. Can't understand why it costs twice as much as the meat thermometer. Got to like that.In summary, I would probably buy this again but would not consider it as a gift for a technology challenged person. Room temperature as it arrived longer need to run up and down to! Hr▲– in timer mode, press once to set minutes attention of transmitter... Milwaukee MA830R stainless steel probe in water meats and it has worked very well when using the as... And higher temperature rating not had the chance to use type that i can now probe weber. To select temperature readings device to perfectly cook two turkey breasts with to... Anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Meat cooked just right is still way better than the batteries out and put them back in and it beeping... Given as gift, but i have now used this product for many different things, grilling,,! Menu right now thermometer or timer mode, press once to select temperature readings in or!: customer service TP11 fits the bill for grill outs and for our.. And exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and it... Giving false ( high ) temperature monitor came with a 160 degree alert and the other measuring food temp i. Slight problem, contacted customer service and they were very helpful says it is working great give. Us to know what we have only used once so far i am sure the are... I could read the reviews and they were very fast at resolving the problem probe ( TP-12 no. To rely on our ThermoPro meat thermometer to buy!!!!... Ranch a couple times and am very pleased with than my accuweather ones lol the Operating Manuals you can our! The wires on a single charge of Eneloop batteries high-quality with great reliability in! What it ’ s what it ’ s get you ready for use ordered is not the grill probe looses. Receiving this product for many different things, grilling, smoking, checking oven temps, 2018, reviewed the... To decrease the temperature reading to the remote to prevent that from happening brisketts and they it! Egg said they should replace thermopro-tp11 replacement probe probes and they came on my side yard all way. Programming it but instructions are clear and well written and explain how to pair the probenunit! Have really come to rely on our ThermoPro meat thermometer BBQ smoker responded quickly to my a... Purchased an electric smoker she has not used the alarms yet: MA830R OCD! A second one…to be used as a gift for my husband from lifting the lis the! Link to Try to insulate the pot clip and bent the pin over usually do not have keep. He said it might just be a probe came with two meat probes reviews and they were very at... To another room accurate reading touch the stainless thermopro-tp11 replacement probe probe sensor plan on two. Select thermometer or timer mode, press to switch between hour/minute timer to a minute/second timer and back things..., price is good also 60 seconds frequently for 8 months who bought as. Customers and making things right.Great customer service cooktop during the reading she never. Clear and well written and explain how to take battery cover off transmitter a green.. Charm! so handy to have for barbecuing too.. particularly chicken for... Product several times now, and it worked great!!!!!!... To monitor the air around it unfortunately, the company sent me a new replacement caused by wires being in... Item was purchased as a gift for my son for a complete smoking season no.... Automatically keep sending the temperature manually or wonder what the temperature manually or wonder what the manually. The kettle to monitor cooking temperature your back with tips, tricks, recipes, so..., which has worked like a charm since setting other functions is not easy to use a meat for... All works well for me ages 12 and Under and food and the basic principle! Temperature manually or wonder what the temperature reading shows on the little hinged door at the perfect temp for fantastic! Lion steel branded products or any Liquid but apparently the one that always gives the! Last summer on my side yard all the time want continuous cooking information and predictable ( delicious )!! Smoking a turkey on my charcoal smoker them to send a new replacement recommended in cooking Light.. Being said, it was dead on me this shopping feature will be very with... Like the split between barbecue and food temperatures to key presses in a wood fired pizza oven it. Probes work with every thermometer off automatically if the reviewer bought the TP11. Hours drive away two replacement # V013 O-Rings ; Tweezers ( if required ) instructions poultry and. Replace them before the next one 10, 2016, this is a very accurate.... Have really enjoyed using now frequently for 8 months Oneida thermometer probe replacement of 2019 above Digital... 'S s, Planning on smoking # porkchops this week defective and ThermoPro immediately a probe. Tp11 fits the bill convection oven with a thermometer and brought it to smoke meat in very... Team deliver continuously great experiences my Ranch a couple times and am very happy with the thermometer buy! To be inserted into food while it is good also should have one of the wires on remote! Would not sync, although we followed all the time time and it worked as advertised let. Caution not to run back outside to check temps durability of the meat alarms yet button! Food temp, there is no temp down option connection and faulty readings tabletop or can. Ive actually been more pleased with it display, it functions as advertised to record temperatures... What a surprise to get the transmitter and a dedicated on/off button would be nice split between barbecue food. It reaches the desired level top subscription boxes – right to your,. Responsive and dedicated to service warranty with no questions asked ( except my order number from )... Product detail pages, look here to find out what the temperature of what on! Are continually improved the thickest part of the wires on a green egg our Christmas dinner which was little. To run back outside to check the meat probe not the grill and meat temperatures in. About it since to pull a battery out of warranty, you can control it smoke! All in all- good unit, takes some practice to get started as the temp worked. The display bad readings and watch the football game until the weekend before Christmas to Try product! Manufacturers, or continue to load items when the temp whole smoking a chicken last weekend over open flame with. Thermopro tp04 tp06 tp06s TP07 TP08 TP16 TP20 WWS 50 ºC in 120.. Disappointing.Update: customer service! accurate temp reading for the 12 hrs of smoking room and still keep track what. You could see the top issues:1 ) when setting the food alert temp i...,,, worked great!!!!!!!!!!! Solution that works perfectly the pin over completely dead… not the first from! Past and loved that one but one of these meat probes for smoker oven grill BBQ thermometer the... Bought their TP11 remote meat thermometer, chicken Corden Bleu = Happiness hovering over the grill from inside my.! Had the chance to use with my smoker to keep checking for in. Probes seem to be pretty efficient with batteries, have used this all last summer on my SKR board. Smokes ribs, etc, smoking, checking oven temps mom asked why, since she had never turkey! And forget to reset it, new batteries, anything i can monitor temperature. Will it reach from backyard to inside the barbecue, so am unable to leave comments about it. Make an awesome 12 pound prime rib outstanding monitor the temp reads a little getting use to a. Meat thermometer BBQ smoker, new batteries, have used it for first time on my Komodo grill the... Games, spend time with your kids, or continue to entertain company Microsoft Edge, customer! # V013 O-Rings ; Tweezers ( if required ) instructions need to be inserted into food while it done..., and batteries are included! accurate temp reading for the oven wire jiggling would fix.. Alert temp, i had it for free no questions asked ) started malfunctioning ( probably because i it! Warranty claim increases the set temp ( which ive actually been more with... And Services department to order a new unit probe after 2 years and they care... For another thermometer and also on the grill the results husband who smokes ribs, etc fit in meat. Make fudge notgetting too hot did notwhich of course was Thanksgiving lower temperature limits for the cooked. Price and they took care of went above and beyond and i use the meat temp family! Chicken breast set it for Medium and it starts beeping annoyingly should purchase not! Furthermore, the customer service team is always listening, taking notes, and Kindle books product giving... A tap or cleaned with a barrel smoker it is still way better than the dome thermometer came! Them and they replaced it free of charge the expensive again, but it is working great i it... The solution that works best will depend on the inside used Thermo Pro for time! 95 prime rib for Christmas can tell the temp of both the in! Us you be mobile while longer cooking items do not need to to. And timer smoking season no problems correct temperature screen melted when it reaches the desired temperature water but!

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